Happy to be mad.

As I said in my first reflection, coming into this class I had limited knowledge of the US healthcare system. I knew it was by no means the best, but I would’ve never in my wildest dreams have guessed that the situation is as dire as it actually is. Without fail, something I would read or hear in the class would anger or shock me. Something that would shock me even more, however, is how little you actually hear about the state of our healthcare system outside of the classroom. Even with a presidential election upcoming, one would barely be able to tell that there was an issue if he or she were not prompted to dive into the topic  That in itself is a problem that needs to be solved.

The beginning of this course was almost depressing. I was learning about how bad a state our healthcare system actually was. Now, at the end, I am a bit more optimistic because I am able to see how far we have come as a country. The number of uninsured is dropping, though it is still far too high. People are becoming a bit more informed, even if we are far, far too uneducated. And for me, the worst part, is that those who are educated, are choosing to get their healthcare needs in other countries. To me, a country that many of its citizens call the best in the world, should not have its people spend money on flying to Thailand and still saving Ludacris amounts of money. That alone should serve as a wake up call to many. Still, I can say that I have been informed, angered, and then informed some more. I can truly say, even if it is far off in the distance, that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, one I couldn’t see even earlier in this class.  I guess I can now say that I’m happy that his class has opened my eyes, even if it has angered me along the way.

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