Light May Work on Nonseasonal Depression, Study Finds


The nytimes article by Nicholas Bakalar discusses the possibility that light may work for individuals suffering from nonseasonal depression.  In past studies, light has been found an affective treatment to individuals suffering from seasonal depression.  Seasonal depression is described in the article as a depression that… “comes on at a specific time every year, often the dark days of late fall and winter, and then lifts” (Bakalar).  Fluorescent lights has been affirmed to be useful for those suffering with seasonal depression. Continue reading “Light May Work on Nonseasonal Depression, Study Finds”

October Post

October Post

Sociology of Healthcare

Death Rates, Declining for Decades, Have flattened, Study Finds

This article discusses research found by the American Cancer Society that reports death rates in the United States. It explains how for years, the death rates have been declining due to improvements in healthcare such as disease management and medical technology. Continue reading “October Post”

Sociology Of Health September Post

NY times: Consumers are Embracing Full- Fat Foods

I read this article a couple days ago and decided to write my analysis on it. The article is written by Anahad O’Connor. O’Connor discusses the trends in American consumers as well as worldwide consumers diets.  He first explains how public health officials urge Americans to eat healthier by cutting back on saturated fats, specifically: butter, meat, and whole milk.  Continue reading “Sociology Of Health September Post”